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"Sustained growth" is Rosenberg's core values, concern about the continued growth and development of employees has also become the focus of business development. We always adhere to the results-oriented management concept, pay attention to the training needs from different levels within the enterprise, and training effect into focus, efforts to design and implementation of different levels of personnel training programs.

New employee orientation

The new employee is the fresh blood of the enterprise, it is the new impetus of the enterprise. The new employee induction training course includes the development course of the company, the corporate culture, the company management system, the product system, the business system, the industry knowledge and the professional accomplishment skill. Guide new employees to understand the company's values ??and business philosophy, agree with corporate culture, the smooth entry into the work role.

Employee on - the - job training

On-the-job training of staff includes professional skills training and management training. Provide professional skills and management training, including product management, R & D, marketing, sales, consulting, human resources, administration and enterprise management, according to the positions and requirements of the staff, and help employees to work effectively. Platform to continue career development to provide more favorable

Post Skills Training

New employees and transfer workers need to undergo a series of training, in order to achieve the job requirements, different positions need to understand the different job processes, systems, operating practices. Therefore, to determine whether the staff reached the job requirements has become the focus of job training management.

The Cultivation of Professional

Our key employees are the backbone of the company's business, enterprises need these employees with high professionalism, to the most professional, rigorous, the pursuit of perfection in the spirit of enterprise, the face of personal development, business development, market development and social development of. Specific training objectives include: to help key employees to obtain the responsibility of the position of self-confidence and career thinking and ideas; to help key employees to master the business communication, lectures, demonstrations and other behavioral skills; train key employees willing to collaborate with others ideas and cooperation; The need for behavioral skills; to promote key employees continue to improve and enhance work efficiency.

Manager training

We need efficient, excellent, passionate leadership team to lead us to achieve strategic goals, managers need a unified management language to ensure that the corporate culture and values ??of heritage. The golden key, symbolizes the management skill, symbolizes the culture and the wisdom. We hope that managers can hold the golden key to successfully open the door to become a great manager.

Team leader training

Team is the enterprise's "cell", is the most basic level, the most active organization. All the work of enterprises, and ultimately to implement through the team to implement the success of enterprise management can not do without team leader. Team in the enterprise role is beyond doubt. However, the enterprise team building is a long-term work of enterprises, can not be achieved overnight. Only perseverance to actively explore, put into practice, can continue to team "cell" construction work in depth.






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